Meet the instructors for the 2017 Summer Design Lab

We’re mixing it up at the Summer Lab. In previous years, our program has been centered on one view of robotics – building a small robot and having it learn to navigate autonomously. But that’s only one small aspect of engineering and robotics. To us, robotics is about bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world.

Using sensors to read from your environment and navigating is one way of bridging that divide. New for this summer, we’ll be taking a look at how we can interact with the virtual world via VR.

I’m happy to introduce our instructors for this summer.

Jesus Salazar – Software Engineer

A Chicano from Texas and graduate from Northwestern University. Jesus is passionate about the poetry of coding and freely shares his theories on the importance of word choice. He is actively involved in the Latino and Black developer scene in New York and is eager to see what the next generation of coders can imagine. His advice for high schoolers will always be ‘never stop learning’.

Sai Ongole: Software Engineer, Canary

Sai currently works as a software engineer at Canary, the home security startup. He’s a graduate from NYU-Polytechnic School of Engineering where he worked on various projects like computer vision with Google Glass and Android. He likes to teach and has previously taught Python and JS with local organizations in NYC.


We’re looking forward to meeting some of our new students and working again with some of our old students!

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